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Geigenseer® "Light" Edelsud [12x0.33l]

Geigenseer® "Light" Edelsud [12x0.33l]

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15% Rabatt ab 200 EUR

Our Geigenseer® noble brew Hell is a bottom-fermented full beer - mild, slightly fruity and full of flavor.A light – is called an Austrian Maerzen.


Our claim: the right balance between malt and hop aromas, a perfect balance, aOriginal wort of 11.6°P (degree Plato) and an alcohol content of 4.9% (vol.).The colour: golden yellow. And with the right level of carbon dioxide (carbonation), it is made for perfect beer enjoyment.

  • Quality

    The hops are the soul of the beer. In our case: Only high-quality aroma hops, no bitter hops. Various essential hop oils give our beer a fantastic aroma and at the same time ensure an unmistakable taste. Even with our brewing malt, the body of the beer, only first quality counts for us. Our carefully selected types of malt provide the important extract and at the same time determine the color of our beer. And then there's the hardest-working brewery employee: our special brewer's yeast. It is the spirit of the beer and converts the malt sugar into alcohol and carbonic acid and makes our Geigensee beer subtle in taste, tasty, harmonious or, to put it briefly in modern German: very drinkable!

  • Packaging

    The delivery takes place in our Geigenseer® shipping box.

    • easy handling, sustainable & environmentally friendly.

    Our ultra light glass beer bottle isDeposit-free.

  • Delivery

    Based on your region, shipping options exist with;

    • DHL Express,beverage world Lienz and/orUPS.

     Please note that your order can only be sent to an adult [min. 18 years] is handed over. 

    Drink responsibly!

  • Legal provision

    Minimum age for ordering and delivery: 18 years

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